Art Basel 2014

Miami City Lights

What an eventful week!

First and foremost, it’s December! Whaaaat?! I know! It’s so crazy how this year flew by! Usually around this time of year I ask myself, what did I do last year for Christmas? Almost always, I can never quite remember. This time, I remembered it perfectly. Either my memory is getting better (which I highly doubt) or this year indeed went Adios in a blink of an eye.

My favorite part about the month of December besides Christmas and New Year’s is, of course, all the Holiday festivities prior. Whether it’s the so-called “Friendsgiving,” your company’s holiday fete or just an excuse to get together with your closest friends, drink wine and watch Christmas movies, December is the month to indulge in everything and anything! Besides eggnog, ugh, I dislike it very much so (Don’t judge me!).

Bayfront Park Miami

Anyways, aside from all that fun, here in Miami we have the acclaimed Art Basel. Every year, over 70,000 people from all over the world come down to see the well-known international galleries and artists show their work. The event usually lasts 3-4 days and there is plenty to see. So many gorgeous sculptures, paintings, photography, the list goes on and on. The artists are indeed brilliant.

This was my first year ‘Art Baselin’, as some are calling it. Chris and I, however, did it a little differently. Instead of facing the crowd and chaos around Wynwood, (we can’t stand crowded places) we decided to go to the Concept Art Fair that cruises Biscayne Bay. We boarded this gorgeous mega yacht and spent the night sipping wine (or in Chris’s case, vodka) surrounded by the amazing view of the city. The night was flawless.

Concept Art Fair 2014

The first two floors of the ship were exhibits filled with art. From Korea, Brazil even as close as Texas, the art displayed was simply fascinating. One art dealer actually tried to persuade Chris into buying one of his art works. Unfortunately, it was way out of our price range. But I guess some people have $30,000 hanging around to buy exquisite art, right?

So as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words….

Samuel Lynne Galleries

Samuel Lynne Galleries      

Above Pictures: Samuel Lynne Galleries from Dallas, Texas

Below Pictures: Mondoarte & Lattuada

Mondoarte & Lattuada Concept Fair 2014

Mondoarte & Lattuada Concept Fair 2014

Below: SCAI from Seoul, Korea

SCAI - Superman



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