Hello there, Friday…

Wine Friday

Nothing like finishing off the week with a nice glass of pinot noir. Add a lovely ocean view with a gorgeous skyline – absolute perfection.

So, a lot has happened this week. Kim K “broke the internet” with her silky asset pictured on the cover of Paper Magazine. It was also plastered all over my Facebook and Instagram news feed. People were going crazy. I really don’t know why. We’ve seen her ass many times before! It’s not news people. Get over it.

On a different note, an astronomical event occurred. For the first time in human history, a small probe named Philae landed on a comet. Huge, huge deal for mankind! This, of course, wasn’t trending on social media as much as Kim’s derriere, but humanity made its choice.

Our 220 pound box-shaped friend, Philae was carried by a larger probe named Rosetta . It took Rosetta 10 years, yes, a decade to reach its destination. It was launched back in 2004 by the European Space Agency, yet some may wonder, why hasn’t this been done before? Well, it’s not an easy task. To put things in perspective, imagine a volcano-sized object circling the sun at 84,000 miles an hour. Successfully landing a probe there? Insanity to say the least.

The comet is believed to have been formed 4.6 billion years ago. Whaaaaaaaaat? If this is the case, by studying the data which will be transmitted throughout this expedition, we can uncover and understand how the solar system was formed. Scientists believe comets play an extensive role in the formation of Earth. Amazing? Hello!

I don’t know about you, but this news beats Kim Kardashian’s already seen ass on SO many levels. Let’s keep up with science, politics and all the things that really matter in today’s world. Wake-up people! Cool stuff’s happening and most of you have your heads so far up someone else’s behind you can’t see what’s in front of you!

With that said, Cheers to the weekend!







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